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How to Set Up a 301 Redirect on a Wix Site 2019

Wix, like many other platforms, is scrambling to accommodate SEO specialists. Trying to redirect a few of my own pages after submitting a sitemap to Google, I found that setting up a 301 redirect was not that easy...

How to Set Up a 301 Redirect in Wix 2019

The first thing that you need to do is login, duh.

Go onto the dashboard and look to the left to the options. Then click settings.

After you click settings, you will click into the SEO tab where you will scroll down and there will be a spread of text asking you if you would like to set up a 301 redirect.

In that set option, you will input your previous url, the one that you want to redirect from and then you will choose a page that you want to redirect to. If that option is not on the list then click the blue text below the page selector scroll and input the URL manually.

It's a bit clunky but I think this is only temporary. I'm writing about this on May 20th, just after midnight. I think that Wix will adjust this quickly and make 301 Redirects a standard select option on this SEO tab.

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