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Going to concerts is something that I've loved doing since I was a kid. From hip-hop show to electronic shows at Higher Ground, I never limited myself.

In college, I even spent a year as the arts editor at my school paper and interviewed musicians, painters, and filmmakers.

I now get to photograph my favorite artists and get to enjoy concerts in a new way. From shooting in the pit to navigating large crowds, my Vermont concert photography service gets in the heart of the action to capture your band and the crowd.  

Live Music Photography + Band Portraits

Your band just booked its first gig in Burlington and is looking for a live music photographer to shoot your show or you are well known and need a few new photos for promotion or refreshing a flyer.


This affordable photography service offers:  


  • 1 hour of concert photography

  • 15-30 minutes for band portraits

  • Photo editing included

  • Digital transfer through Dropbox

  • Near Burlington driving included


                      Starting at $125

Concert Photography + Music Festival Photography

Whether your band is playing a huge crowd or a small bar, my style can suit any venue. My specialty in low-light photography makes basement concerts fun but I also enjoy shooting music festivals.


This service includes: 

  • Digital transfer through Dropbox

  • Photo editing

  • $50/hour

  • Rates subject to change dependent upon the level of service needed

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Tour Photography Service

Going on tour is a huge part of being a musician. You stop at different locations and you need a dedicated photographer that is there to shoot the show and your life on tour. 

My tour photography service can only cover a few days is only a tour photography service near Vermont. I enjoy making trips to Boston, NYC and Montreal. 

Contact me below and we can discuss the parameters of your tour and your need for a Vermont concert photographer.

Some of my first gigs as a photographer were concerts. A few friends of mine are DJs and they were looking for shots for their events that they could then post to Facebook and Instagram. 

This started me down the path of concert photography and I soon started shooting shows at our local fair, which started to get some big-name acts. 

Concert photography allows is chaotic and there are many working parts and the results can be unexpected and that is why I love shooting shows. Sometimes the moment comes to you and that always makes for unique photos. 

I like to use the audience to frame the shot and I particularly enjoy using a long focal length to capture performers getting in the zone. Learn more about my different styles below and we can discuss which one would be best for you and your band!


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