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Photography Service

Nowadays, taking a photo is as easy as setting your phone to portrait mode.

A portrait photographer does more than just take a photo though. They work with you to deliver a set of photos that represents you best. Whether hiking a trail or lit up by city lights, we can collaborate on the best scene that speaks to you.

Discover some starting details below and contact me for more information! 

  • 1-hour photoshoot 

  • 10 High-Res Photos

  • Digital transfer of images through Dropbox

  • Up to 30 minutes of driving included

$100/1st Hour, $50/Hour After


Couples Portrait Shoot

From engagement photo shoots to couples photo shoots and maternity photo shoots; your photos should symbolize where you are in your relationship and this service works to fulfill all your needs. It includes a: 

  • 1-hour custom photo shoot

  • 10 High-Res Photos

  • A diverse selection of couples photos

  • Photo editing Included

  • Digital transfer through Dropbox

$100/1st Hour, $50/Hour After


Portrait Photographer

Whether you're graduating from Burlington High School or the University of Vermont, you want senior photos of your big day because you earned it. This package allows you to stand out and be remembered in your yearbook for years.


My portrait photography service includes: 


  • 1-hour custom photo shoot

  • A diverse selection of senior photos

  • Photo editing included

  • Digital transfer through Dropbox

$100/1st Hour, $50/Hour After

My Style of Photography


My style of portrait photography starts with getting to know you and how you want your portrait to represent you. I like to utilize a  variety of styles to create a portrait that is distinct to you. I enjoy shooting naturally and on-location, whether with waterfall backdrops or the lights of Burlington.

The best part of on-location photography is that we're not confined to one space. We can explore different parts of Vermont and capture a plethora of photos to choose from. 

How Does Pricing Work?

My pricing starts at $100 for the first hour and then is a reduced rate of $50/hour. This allows us to be more flexible in our time and dial in poses and lighting. It also gives us more time to drive to locations and try a variety of styles. 

What Locations Are Best? 


The best location to take your portrait is one that fits your character. There is nothing more awkward than a photo of someone that doesn't skateboard holding a skateboard at a skatepark. It's obvious. For your portrait to best represent you, and be natural, it is best to choose a location that you feel comfortable in. 


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