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Band & Live Music Photography

Band & Concert Photographer in New England

Music is an essential part of my life. One of my first photography gigs was actually as a concert photographer in Vermont. I've been lucky enough to photography hip-hop shows, classic rock shows and more. While I'm a huge hip-hop fan myself, I love photography all sorts of concerts and shows, whether large or small! 

Live Music Photography vs Band Photography

While bands play live, band photography and live music photography are slightly different services. The difference between live music photography and band photography is that live music photography happens at a live performance.  Band photography, on the other hand, is more of a group portrait session that revolves around your branding strategy.    


Band Servies

Live Music Checklist

Are you a New England group that just booked a live music session? There are a few important things to know to have everything run smoothly! 

  1. Connect the photographer with your band manager, show promoter, and contacts at the venue to ensure communication.

  2. Discuss photography limitations with the venue and communicate with the photographer.

  3. Ensure the photographer has a press pass, concert ticket, and/or is on the guest list to ensure they can enter the show and bring equipment.


It may seem obvious to have your photographer on the guest list with a press pass but there can be multiple lags in communication between the show promoters, venue staff, security, band managers, and more. 

What Is an On Location Shoot?

An on-location photoshoot is not in a studio and is in an environment that adds to the portrait. Band photography portraits and group photos are all shot on-location. The location of the shoot is a collaboration between your Vermont band photographer and group. A location can change the narrative of your photos and each group or even a project may require a different location. All travel included is up to 1.5 hours of driving travel and any other fees incurred are subject to the client. 

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