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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Sandi Omanovic, a Bosnian born creative that has made Vermont his home for over 20 years. I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016 and I am currently pursuing an MBA with Champlain College, with a concentration in Advanced Management.

More About Me:

I currently live in Colchester, Vermont with my girlfriend and two cats: Frank and Beans. We got them when my girlfriend wanted two cats and I didn't want any cats and so we compromised and got two cats. 


Frank is very food driven and reminds me of an old man. He has a favorite pillow that he likes to sleep on and loves to watch T.V. with the family.


Beans is a bit squirrely and will run away the first time he meets you but when he warms up then he's nothing but a lover. He reminds me of a dog because he runs when his name is called and loves having his belly scratched. 


In my free time, I enjoy cooking, skateboarding, and visiting with friends and family. I am also an avid hip-hop fan. You can commonly find me attending rap shows, art openings, and tasting the finest craft beer Vermont has to offer. I also enjoy traveling and have visited several countries and continents.

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I have always been creative. It's something that I need to do in my life. As a kid, I painted a lot. As I got older I grew out of that medium and began searching for a new one.


Since I immigrated to Vermont from Bosnia at a young age, I don't have many old photos of my family. Many of them were lost in the move. With that, a bit of my history as well.


When I got the opportunity to visit and bring a camera with me, I went crazy. I didn't know anything about photography but knew I needed photos to remember these fleeting moments. Years later, I was able to look back on fun and in-the-moment memories that hold so much value now that time has passed and so have some of those family members.


That's why I became a photographer. It allows me to be creative but also connect with other people, their stories and create memorable bodies of work for them. Whether I'm doing wedding photography or taking senior portraits, being a photographer allows me to create something memorable for folks that they can look back on years later.


My background in marketing started with political marketing and working on political campaigns. I focused on media relations and policy research.


After enjoying several marketing projects that I lead and was a part of, I began to take a deep interest in digital marketing. From email marketing to organic search engine optimization, I began finding ways to increase my knowledge of digital marketing.


I now work as an SEO Specialist and offer freelance SEO services, along with copywriting and photography.


Since content is one of the most deciding factors in SEO, copywriting is a service that goes hand-in-hand. Having quality content on your site can not only help you improve in Google search rankings but it also adds to your brand, your message, your tone, your values and can leave a lasting impression on your clients.


"Well done is better than well said"

-Benjamin Franklin

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