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Portrait Photography

My Style of Photography


My style of portrait photography starts with getting to know you and how you want your portrait to represent you. I like to utilize a  variety of styles to create a portrait that is distinct to you. I enjoy shooting naturally and on-location, whether with waterfall backdrops or the lights of Burlington.

The best part of on-location photography is that we're not confined to one space. We can explore different parts of Vermont and capture a plethora of photos to choose from. 


Portrait Services

What Locations Are Best? 


The best location to take your portrait is one that fits your character. There is nothing more awkward than a photo of someone that doesn't skateboard holding a skateboard at a skatepark. It's obvious. For your portrait to best represent you, and be natural, it is best to choose a location that you feel comfortable in. 

A good example of this would be if you enjoyed riding horses. A perfect location may be at your horse's stable. There, you would be in your element. 

Another reason this is a great location is due to its versatility. We can really take advantage of our time and stage multiple poses and locations within a short space to really give you a diverse portfolio of photos to choose from!

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