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How to Add Presets to Lightroom on Mac

If you're like me, you hate updates. I still haven't updated to the last three version of ISO.

Well, having recently downloaded the latest version of Lightroom from Adobe, I can say it's fully updated. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an article on how to add presets so I had to do it figure it out. So, I hope this helps others.

How to Import Presets to Lightroom on Your Mac!

Lightroom is kinda confusing at first because you can't really access much through the standard File then Preferences route.

This can adjust your Account information, check local and cloud storage, and other finer details such as text size, language and adding copyright to your photos.

The new way to add presets is to:

  • Click into a Photo

  • Press the Editing Button Icon, which Looks like Adjusting Knobs

  • Find the Presets Button and Press It

  • A New Column with Your Standard Lightroom Presets Will Open

  • Click on the Three Dots Next to the word Presets

  • Import Presets

  • Select the File(s)

  • Done

This will allow you to download a range of presets off of various sites. You can even develop your own presets if you have found your particular style for your social media feed.

Having your own custom presets shape your style and image. When someone sees your image on their feed, they will be able to instantly recognize it.

Graffiti, SEO and Art in General

A bit about me, I have been painting graffiti since middle school and it has taught me more about marketing than some of my business classes. Marketing, SEO and graffiti require recognition. This comes from your brand, style and image.

When you do a tag or paint a throw up, you want the style to be so recognizable that a person will be able to tell it's you. The brand is so recognizable that even on a train to work know it's you.

If you are interested in downloaded a few free Lightroom presets then check out a few of the presets that I found conveniently online.

Three Free Lightroom Preset Downloads

Why pay for something when you can find it for free? It's simple logic. If you're just playing around with presets and get some ideas for your own custom presets then you'll be happy to know that I've linked a few downloadable preset links below.

These sites require that you submit your email and name for a list. If you're like me, then you have a Gmail account that you designate to junk mail. Use that account and verify your login.

Things to Remember:

  • Use Dummy Gmail Account for Spam

  • Check Email

  • Verify Email

  • ***Only Verify from the Computer that You Want the Presets On!

  • Most Links Are One Click Only

What are my preset recommendations? has quite a few presets to choose from. They require you sign up for an account but this is about as painless as an email.

Personally, I like the Asakusa Lightroom Presets. It has a few ghostly, low saturation presets that you are sure to love if you enjoy light photos.

Another set that I currently enjoy are from They have the same deal as and they ask that you subscribe to their mailing list. This is all too common and is the reason why we created our dummy account.

The third preset combination that I recommend are from Mikkola Gerstedt. His presets are varied and gives you a diverse selection to choose from. He offers 10 downloadable presets for an email subscription and at this point, what's one more? His presets are named:

  • Discreet: Afternoon Light

  • Discreet: Smoother

  • Discreet: Old Style

  • Hazy: Late Night

  • Hazy: Morning Blues

  • Hazy: Morning Path

  • Strong: Dark- Blue Approaching

  • Strong: Dark- Moody Blue

  • Vintage: Color Splash

  • Vintage: Night Time

There are many other free presets to find online. These are only a few of the free and quick and easy ones to find. They might inspire a photo or allow you to set the preset and add some changes to quickly edit a photo for a client.

If you are interested in learning more about my photo process and what I can do to advance your business or capture the moment for your event then be sure to contact me here!

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