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What Is Search Engine Optimization?​

A common misconception is that SEO and advertising are the same thing. Search engine optimization is very different from advertising. Unlike SEO, ads cost money and only bring in the traffic that you pay for. SEO works to grow your site authority and improve rankings for specific pages so they can attract traffic organically. The higher your web page is on search engine results pages and the more keywords that it ranks for then the more opportunities to bring in traffic and make conversions. 

How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization is completed in a variety of ways. The first step is to always audit the site and find its strengths and weaknesses. I evaluate the number of citations that your website has to begin to align its name, address & phone number in the various listings. Next, I check your backlink profile for suspicious links and opportunities. 

Keywords and the ones that drive traffic to your site can be tough to evaluate. Together, we will work collaboratively to find the terms that your clients are searching for the most and make targeted efforts on those keywords. Whether you're targeting, "Vermont SEO Strategist" or "New England SEO Professional," we will determine which are worth our effort and which are not. I also update your metadata, the backend information on your pages, & your Schema markup.

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