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Three Vermont Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photo of Flowers

Wedding photography requires a wide range of skills. You can't just be a specialist in portrait photography if you want to shoot weddings... you also need to be skilled in detail shots, product shots, group shots, photos in low and high lights and more. Wedding photography requires that you be well versed in all of these.

That is why Tip #1 = Practice a variety of shots

Most folks only practice the style of shots that they enjoy but to be a successful wedding photographer, you have to be versatile and you need to be able to adapt to your environment. This also means having a healthy amount of photography gear with you. Whether you're shooting a wedding in Burlington, VT and it's super sunny and you wish you had your ND filter or you are forced to move inside because of the rain and now you're shooting in a dark environment that you were prepared for and now you wish you had your off-camera flash, you need to be prepared.

That is why tip #2= Over Prepare!

You don't want to be caught looking unprofessional and you don't want to miss those important shots that the bridge asked for. That is why you should also over prepare. A great way that you can do that and ensure you stay professional is to not forget your business cards.

Wedding Photography Tip #3- Bring Business Cards

A wedding isn't the time for networking because you have a lot on your plate. Although, if there is an opportunity to share your business card then you should talk full advantage. Networking can happen at any moment but you should check in with the bride and groom to ensure that its okay to do so.

Learn More About My Affordable Wedding Photography Service

If you are interested in learning more about my wedding photography services or would like to book a consulation for your wedding then please feel free to contact me or check out my VT wedding photography page!

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