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What Are Keywords and Which Matter

Search engine optimization comes in many forms. From ranking in local search to ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), keywords matter. The trick for each business and brand is to find which matter the most to them and then you can strategize on how you are target them.

Keywords: The Basics

Keywords are the terms that best associate you with your business, brand and target audience. These are the terms that your clients are searching for when they are at some point in the buyer's funnel.

Your unique SEO strategy will target the specific terms that the audience that you are marketing to is searching. They are incorporated in your metadata, content, Google My Business page and more.

Which Keywords Matter for Your Business

As an SEO strategist in Vermont, picking keywords for my region begins with defining which terms are searched the most. Picking terms with no search volume to rank for don't attract eyes because those terms aren't searched often.

Find the terms for your industry that have high search volume but low competition and you can greatly improve the traction to your site.

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