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Wedding Photographer in Vermont

Weddings are centered around you, the couple. A wedding photographer's job isn't just to shoot your wedding but to also make your day easier. From helping when the vail blows away to just being part of the team when times get stressful, a wedding photographer wears many hats.

Choose the wedding photography package that fits your wedding below!

Elopment Wedding Package

When nothing matters but your bond, you want a small and relaxed environment to show your love. Contact me to learn more about my elopement wedding package that can casually capture your love and affection.  


  • Up to 2 hours of wedding photography

  • 3-week turn-around time on photos

  • Minimum of 150 Photos

  • Set of 10 Polaroid Photos

  • Photo Editing Included

Starting at $1,000 

Intimate Wedding Package

Are you planning a small ceremony with just your friends, family and a beautiful venue? Capture the event with something simple. An affordable wedding photography package that is convenient and tailored to your wedding.  


  • Up to 4 hours of wedding photography

  • 3-week turn-around time on photos

  • Minimum of 200 Photos

  • Set of 10 Polaroid Photos

  • Photo Editing Included

Starting at $2,000 

Complete Wedding Package

The basic wedding photography package fits ideally with the schedule of a well-rounded wedding and allows the couple to focus on their most memorable portions. Learn more below!

  • 8 Hour Wedding

  • Free Engagement Shoot

  • 2 Photographers Capturing Unique Perspectives

  • 20 Polaroid Photos Included

  • 3-5 Week Turnaround

  • Minimum of 300 photos

  • Photo Editing Included


Starting at $3,000

No Stress Package

There's nothing worse than fighting the clock to get that perfect photo. This package reduces your stress by building enough time into our schedule to guarantee we can get creative and capture some truly unique photos.  

  • Full 10 Hour Day: From Getting Ready to Ceremony & After-Party

  • Engagement Shoot

  • 2 Photographers Capturing Unique Perspectives

  • Set of 20 Polaroid photos 

  • 3-week Turn-Around Time on Photos

  • Minimum of 350 Photos

  • Photo Editing Included

Starting at $3,500 

Moonlights in Vermont

Wedding Package

Your wedding only happens once and you're doing it big. You have multiple days booked and need someone that is responsive, hands-on and ready at the drop of the dime. 


  • Multi-Day Wedding

  • 2 Photographers Capturing Unique Perspectives

  • Free On-Grounds Couples Shoot Included

  • Over 20 Polaroid Photos Included

  • 3-5 Week Turnaround

  • Minimum of 500 photos

  • Photo Editing Included


Please Contact!

Booking Your Wedding Package​


Please also contact me if you are looking for a more custom package! Whichever you pick, it's always best to book your photographer earlier in the planning process. This allows us to work out the details of your day. We can then create a timeline of the day to best plan how to achieve all your must-have shots.


 ​I am accepting of all marriages, wedding styles and happy to discuss destination wedding packages. We can lock all details of your into the contract and secure your date with a 10% deposit. If you are looking for inspiration for must-have shots, check out a few examples below!

Your Must-Have Wedding Shots

Wedding photography isn't just taking shots of the kiss. It's also photos of the bride getting ready, the family crying and the dog looking somewhat confused. Being a wedding photographer in Vermont also means being versatile and being able to take those wide-angle photos scenic shots, detail shots of the rings and candid, natural photos. Some of the most desired must-have photos are:

ring shots (1 of 8).jpg

Getting Ready


Your wedding day starts off with getting together with your friends. They're the ones that keep you sane and prepare you for your Vermont wedding. They help you with your dress or tie. They play your favorite song. They are there for you.


These will be the personal moments you want to capture. View a few of my getting ready photos below! 




You and your vendors work tirelessly to ensure every detail is perfect. From the flowers on your table to the shine off your ring, the details tell the stories as well. 

During our consultation, be sure to mention if you want specific detail items photographed. This can include a bouquet, boutonniere, specific laces on a dress and more. 


ring (1 of 1).jpg
kid looking at photos bw (1 of 1).jpg

Family & Friends

Wedding photos are distinct because of their timestamps. On your anniversary in 20 years, when you flip through your wedding album, you'll find photos with old friends and close relatives. 


During our consultation, be sure to include a list of your closest relatives. We can prioritize their photos to ensure you have them for the rest of your life. 



Some people see the ceremony as the most important part of the wedding. They want that scenic Vermont wedding kiss photo. Others just want to get it over with. ​

Planning the day together allows us to decide on which parts of the ceremony are most important for you. 

color bridesmaids and groomsmen down the
hands in the air (5 of 5).jpg

Group Photos


Through our lives, we make different groups of friends. They all meet up at the wedding and you want a photo with each one.


It's normal for groups to range in size. View a few examples below and contact me if you have any questions!

The Party Afterwards


The party after dinner is when you get to enjoy your first dance. You can let loose and relax the rest of the night with drinks at the bar and other amenities

These are the fun photos of your relatives on the dancefloor, kids enjoying the ice cream truck and friends using the photo booth. 

color rest of party photos (19 of 31).jp


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